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    Act 25

    Act 25

    Act 25

    Act 25

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    Act 26

    Act 26

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    Final Act


    [CHARACTER] Princess Serenity.

    Series: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

    Kana: プリンセス・セレニティ
    Romaji: Purinsesu Sereniti

    Role: Recurring character
    Type: Human
    Family: Kenji Tsukino (Usagi’s father), Ikuko Tsukino (Usagi’s mother), Shingo Tsukino (Usagi’s brother), Mamoru Chiba (Usagi’s husband), Queen Serenity (past life mother)
    Aliases: Usagi Tsukino, Sailor Moon, Princess Sailor Moon
    Alignment/Organization: Sailor Senshi, Moon Kingdom
    First appearance: Act 25
    Last appearance: Final Act
    Status: Alive
    Actor: Miyuu Sawai


    • Her name stems from the Middle French “sérénité” and the Latin “serenitas.” The word “serenity” is defined as the state of being serene or calm. Queen Serenity and Princess Serenity were both inspired by the Greek Moon goddess Selene, who fell in love with a mortal named Endymion.
    • Princess Serenity did not have an “odango” hairstyle like her manga and anime counterparts. She also had black hair rather than blond or white.
    • While the Dark Kingdom caused the destruction of the original Silver Millennium in the manga and anime, a distraught Princess Serenity was responsible for destroying the Moon Kingdom as well as the Earth Kingdom in this series.
    • The Silver Crystal belonged solely to Princess Serenity, and it was not passed down from mother to daughter.
    • Although Princess Serenity played a huge part in past life events, she rarely appeared in the modern story. Instead, Princess Sailor Moon was seen more often.

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    I don’t know how often the boys hang out actually.  However, you will see Jouji or Akira run across one of the girls pretty frequently.  In fact, this happened just a few days ago:


    That’s Miyuu Sawai, Rina Koike, and Akira Kubodera!  I believe the two ladies were independently going to see Akira in Jesus Christ Samurai Star (yes I do think I’m translating that correctly, and I want to know everything about this immediately).

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    Live-Action Sailor Moon Cast Performs at Daigo and Keiko Kitagawa's Wedding:


    Ayaka Komatsu (Sailor Venus), Miyuu Sawai (Sailor Moon), Myuu Azama (Sailor Jupiter), and Rika Izumi (Sailor Mercury) took to the stage to say, “In the name of the moon, we will congratulate you!” They then performed the series’ second ending theme song “Friend.”

    Part way through, Kitagawa herself joined in. “I haven’t sung it in 13 years,” she commented afterwards, “but surprisingly I could still sing it [without any mistakes]. I was going along with everyone else, so I could feel it, and that makes me happy. Thank you so much!”

    DAIGO was delighted to hear the performance. “Since my wife is an actress, it’s not every day I get to hear her sing, so it made me happy,” he said.


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    keiko diary.  2016.5.31.

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    Azama Mew (PGSM Jupiter) on her nails for Kitagawa Keiko’s (PGSM Mars) wedding (source):

    The nails I have right now.
    I had Sailor Moon nails done for Keiko’s wedding ceremony.🌙lol
    The kimono I wore had a lot of gold designs on it and my obi was gold as well, so I went with a clear base with gold sparkles.

    And then each of the Sailor Moon colors:
    Pink (Moon)💖
    Light blue (Mercury)💙
    Red (Mars)❤️
    Green (Jupiter)💚
    Orange (Venus)💛
    in rhinestones.

    Of course, the red stone was the biggest. lol
    She was the star of the day.💍
    I wanted to do Sailor Moon nails, but I didn’t want to be too flashy and look childish. I was a little embarrassed…lol
    So I went with a theme of “You wouldn’t notice unless I told you, and it’s mature.”

    This is actually the first time I’ve gotten Sailor Moon themed nails!
    I don’t have an occasion to do them unless it’s something like this.
    It’s fun to have nails with a little flair sometimes.(^^)

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    favorite opening this season:

    Keep reading

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    Rika Izumi tries a very fancy KitKat, 2016.

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    Rika’s 28th birthday with the girls

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  • 12/19/16--08:00: Photo

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    Ayaka and Miyuu met up, and look at them wearing that tshirt!!!!! I swear the pgsm cast are the best!

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    PGSM Senshi reunion in early November! The grils celebrated Miyuu and Rika’s birthdays. Reading their blog posts about it gives all sort of warm fuzzy feeling! All translation credit belong to the Keiko Kitagawa fansite!

    RIKA (Ami/Mercury):
    They threw me a birthday celebration💗
    A guardian party once again🌙
    Because we just weren’t able to get together,
    it turned into a combination birthday of me and Sawai-san😋
    Thanks everyone❤️!
    With our topic of conversation jump, jump, jumping all over the place…,
    we broke up before we were done. 笑
    We’ll continue next time💛😘
    #Guardian party#Azama Mew#Kitagawa Keiko#Komatsu Ayaka#Sawai Miyuu#Izumi Rika#birthday

    AYAKA (Minako/Venus):

    Yesterday we celebrated the birthdays of our two youngest, Sawai and Rika

    Their reactions when the cakes were brought in were too cute (///∇//)♡

    As I thought when I’m with these people I enjoy it the most. We can talk about anything, so it never ends!!

    We don’t have enough time every time

    Sawai who looks the most stable happens to be more sensitive than anyone. That’s why I feel I must watch over her. 笑 Thank you for always hanging out with me♡

    Rika, our youngest and skilful at letting us spoil her♡ I always envy your cuteness and free spirit (笑) Surprisingly so it may be Rika who maintains the balance between us five♡ 笑

    Thanks, truly!!

    I want it to be like this even when we’re grannies…♡

    Tags from instagram:  #Birthday#congratulations#A guardian party#Guardians#Guardian party#war buddies#comrades#bonds#Sailor Moon#Sawai Miyuu#Izumi Rika#Kitagawa Keiko#Azama Mew#Komatsu Ayaka#sailormoon#I like em too much#Love#love

    MIYUU (Usagi/Moon)

    We could all be together at last.
    They held Rika’s and my birthday party!
    Thanks, three big sisters. 笑
    Your two little sisters are blessed♡

    It turned into a long relationship somehow, but you’re as fascinating as always, I enjoy it every time we’re together.

    Our conversations flit in every direction, so I’m sure anyone who hears it and isn’t used to it wouldn’t be able to follow. It’s because everyone does things their own way. 笑

    Even though we got together earlier than usual we still didn’t have enough time.

    We laughed, chatted, and ate a lot!!
    It’s become customary, but it was a time of supreme bliss.

    Will it be like this in ten years?
    No, you’ll want things to be different, right?
    But I want to celebrate it like this when I turn 40.

    How did I end up at ten years from now? 笑
    I’m sure we’ll be getting together like that unchanged.

    Once again,, even though I turned thirty,
    please favour Sawai Miyuu..

    For Love and Justice forever.
    With my comrades for a future of laughter.

    Well then, Mew-chan’s birthday party is next.

    And with year-end’s and new year’s we have many excuses to get together, which means happiness. Hihihi.

    Everyone, I love you.

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