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    [FROM STAFF] TOYOTOWN 2015.02.20 (Fri) 

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    Keiko Kitagawa for Kanebo SALA S/S 2015 
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    If you want it, you’ll get it. Nothing happens unless you believe in yourself.

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  • 02/25/15--11:11: Photo

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    Kanebo ALLIE 2015 Neo (15s) 

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    From the 2014.01.31 broadcast of A-Studio featuring Kitagawa Keiko as a guest.

    They talk about PGSM in the first half, around 2:02 to 12:14, because the host mentioned he watched it because she was appearing on the programme and he wanted to see something from when she had first started acting. The most relevant minute of stuff has been subbed by some diligent fan here:

    (Please note that the video doubles up - the second half is just a muted copy of the first - probably in an attempt to avoid being taken down for copyright infringement.)

    However, the above video doesn’t cover her talking about how she prepared for the PGSM audition in a particularly… unique… way. It’s a pretty long summary, so jump under the cut if you’re interested.

    Apart from the PGSM, though, the video is still entertaining just because of the audience. I don’t know whether they knew she was going to be the guest, but the response when she comes out is kinda amazing. It sort of dies down a little as she walks to the chairs, but then she waves to them and then the kyaa-ing and shouts of “kawaii” immediately start up again. And then there’s this bit where she puts her glasses on to see a picture more clearly, which is followed by a general “ohhh~” reaction… XD

    Read More

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    From the 2015.02.24 broadcast of Komatsu Ayaka’s「こまっちゃねる 」Nico Nico live stream , featuring Kera as a guest.

    I just watched this more or less on a whim, just to see what Ayaka was up to nowadays, and enjoyed myself more than expected. (Although because as the timeshift became invalid mid-watch, I only got through about half the episode.)

    The idea seems to be that she’s supposed to be trying to learn or improve her English, and Kera - an Iranian designer, the one on the left, who has lived in Japan since she was two and as a result speaks perfect Japanese - has been called in to teach her for this episode. It emerges that Kera’s English is pretty rubbish too, which made things even funnier than normal. After struggling with some elementary-level sentences à la “This is my phone”, one of the staff members suggests that Ayaka try introducing herself in English, resulting, with some help, in this gem of a self-introduction:

    (A staff member tells her to say “hi” in place of 初めまして/hajimemashite.)
    Hi! I am Ayaka Komatsu. I’m from Japan!
    (A commenter, in Japanese, tells her to say she’s from Iwate.)
    From Iwate. I like beef.
    (She wants to say “meat” specifically, and some commenters inform her of the correct word.)
    …I like meat! I… my favourite. Table tennis 得意/tokui.
    (She flounders; Kera doesn’t know how to translate that either, so she looks it up on her phone.)
    …special ability? (T/L: technically correct, but it would be much better to simply say “I am good at table tennis”.)

    I did like how she suddenly said that she liked meat for no apparent reason.

    There was, by the way, at least one viewer who was interested in her because of PGSM - somebody asked her to say “Sailor Moon” in English, to which she correctly replied that it was the same as in Japanese, and later there was a stream of comments asking her what Venus was called.

    I don’t really remember what happened in between, except that I was somewhat surprised to find that neither she nor Kera knew what “amuse” meant, but she was able to say that “muse” referred to a goddess, which is not quite correct but is on the right lines. Strange. Oh, and she and Kera tried to recite the numbers from one until about thirteen or so, which they succeeded in, though only barely. Ayaka was also able to name all the days of the week, though encountering some difficulty with Thursday.

    The last part I managed to catch was when she started trying to name the planets as Kera read them out from the comments. She got Earth and Mars, but got side-tracked with Saturn when one of the staff suggested her naming them all in order, at which she said something like, “There’s an order?” and the other shot back, “Aren’t you a Sailor Senshi?” or something like that. I didn’t get any further than it. That in itself had been amusing enough, but to go back to what had happened earlier, I noticed that something sort of interesting had occurred. Interesting to me, anyway. ^^;

    You see, when asked about Earth, she answers quickly and confidently with an upwards intonation, happy that she was able to get it right. When asked about Mars, though, she is also able to provide the answer immediately, but her voice takes on a slightly more commanding tone. It’s not exactly fierce, definitely not, but it has more of a downwards intonation than before. (It might be my imagination.) Also, she grins really widely after pronouncing it, resuming her normal expression only when asked the next question, and that’s definitely not my imagination. See below:


    Apologies for such a terrible GIF, but I couldn’t download the video, and so had to make do with a couple of screencaps. Whether she was thinking “Oh hey, I was able to answer two things correctly in a row!” or “Ah, how nostalgic” or “Haha lol as if I wouldn’t know that, do you know how many times I had to say it in PGSM?” or something completely different is beyond me, but it made me happy anyway.

    PGSM feels. ❤

    p.s. I am not obsessed, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

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  • 03/03/15--19:00: Photo

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  • 03/03/15--20:30: Photo

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    Nazotoki wa dinner no ato de. Movie

    Romantic scene with Titanic xDDD

    Kageyama lol xDD

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  • 03/04/15--01:00: Photo

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    [FROM STAFF] お知らせ 2015.02.27 (Fri) 

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  • 03/04/15--04:00: Photo

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    [FROM KEIKO] 旅 2015.03.01 (Sun) 

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    if only i had smiled along with you more.

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  • 03/05/15--05:44: Photo

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    【MINTIA】「私とミンティアと」 北川景子  (30s) 

    I’m sure my followers don’t always watch the commercials I reblog on here, but I encourage you to watch this one for the following reasons:

    • Keiko dances around like a dork.
    • Keiko (and some lessers) carry around a giant purple high heel, which I find fitting given her origins as Rei “My Red Heels Are Mad Like Fire” Hino.
    • Any time any of the girls speaks in another language, my life is filled with joy and I feel uplifted as though by angel’s wings.  I have no idea why this is, but there we are.  Mintia’s tagline is in English, “Mintia Loves Life.”
    • And frankly watching Keiko do literally anything is a joy and you shouldn’t deprive yourself.  Love yourself; fangirl over Keiko Kitagawa.

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  • 03/07/15--05:39: Photo

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    Kanebo SALA カネボウ サラ さらさら香り髪 (15s) 

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    Sailor Mercury Appreciation Post  | PGSM (requested by littlesestras)

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