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    Toyota「ALPHARD HYBRID」2015 

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    11 years since we first met. Silly nonsense and serious things that we can’t tell anyone else, we five talked about all kinds of things. It’s like we’ve been together forever.

    Even if one gets married, even if one has children, we’ll always be together.

    We’re all around thirty, so lately we say things like, “Someone may bring children here before long!”, “It’s always five, so that’s a fresh experience”, and, “We can help each other with childcare problems”.
    It’s all a little premature, but we’re already that age, aren’t we…?

    Knowing each other since we were young, it feels more like a childhood or home town friends meeting than a actresses and models meeting, so I once again thought that it’s truly great to have them around.

    On a day when I feel depressed and don’t want to leave the house it’s always them who drag me out, so I can’t think of a life without them.

    Sawai-san said, “I want to meet everyone again”, the day after the New Year’s party already, so we’ll meet once more this month. I’m really looking forward to it. Please favour me this year too, okay?


    Keiko’s Diary, 2015.01.27  (via itsumo-keikok)




    On a day when I feel depressed and don’t want to leave the house it’s always them who drag me out, so I can’t think of a life without them.


    ALSO! can u just IMAGINE when one of them has a kid what that’s going to be be like?! they’re already planning to help raise each other’s kids i mean—-GAWD!



    (via luna-whiskers)

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    愛を積むひと (Ai wo Tsumu Hito) Trailer

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    [FROM KEIKO] TOYOTA『ALPHARD』2015.01.27 (Tue)

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  • 01/31/15--07:49: Another Senshi Reunion!

  • Another Senshi Reunion!

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    I think Keiko is a good actress, honestly. But she’s not consistently good, IMO, and I find that a bit frustrating. I don’t know if that has to do specifically with her skills or with the kind of work she’s given. Might be a little bit of both, actually…

    So last year she put out four movies (Judge!, Akumu-chan, Dakishimetai, Mi wo Tsukushi Ryoricho Part 2) and one drama (HERO, if you don’t count the Akumu-chan special) and I think she performed REALLY well. I haven’t seen Dakishimetai yet but I thought she did excellent in everything else. 

    Keiko works well with characters that have a more blunt edge to them. Judge! was an…odd movie…but her character was AWESOME and she approached the role with such gusto—-u can TELL she totally enjoyed the part. Same with Akumu-chan and HERO. Even though her character in Mi wo Tsukushi Ryoricho was a bit more demure, she had such a beautiful fighting spirit and I think Keiko did a wonderful job bringing her to life.

    Dakishimetai, I’m in no hurry to watch. She’s played those types of characters many times before and as touching as they are, they tend to bore the shit out of me. Which brings me to my main problem with the roles she’s been taking over the past few years—-her body of work (from debut to now) is seriously lacking any challenging or image changing roles.  

    We haven’t really SEEN her play characters that REALLY push the envelope or inspire a new way of seeing her as an actress. The closest she’s ever gotten to a risky role was Paradise Kiss (2011)—-had that movie ACTUALLY been based off of the manga instead of a gross watered-down mischaracterization of the original work. The next would be maybe, Dear Friends (2007)? 

    I remember losing my shit when she did a photoshoot with Mika Ninagawa. Erika Sawajiri was phenomenal in Helter Skelter and Ninagawa knows a thing or two about writing and directing complex women. I thought FOR SURE we’d get Keiko working with her but that never happened… 

    I want to see her in an action movie, or a classic slice-of-life with an ensemble cast, or a postmodern fairy tale film——SOMETHING that just makes people rock back on their heels in awe and think “I didn’t know Keiko could perform like that!”

    It’s the ONE thing keeping me from declaring her a GREAT actress. 

    But in general, from as objective as an opinion that I can form as a stan, YES i think Keiko has pretty solid acting skills. She’s grown A LOT since debut and I’m proud of her. I just wish Stardust wasn’t so image conscious and would let her take on an indie film role or something. So far her film line-up for 2015 doesn’t look very promising where that is concerned so it’s frustrating as a fan waiting to be WOW-ed.

    P.S - Which three of her works are you watching? I could provide a more specific opinion based on that.

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  • 02/03/15--08:00: itsumo-keikok:[FROM MEW...

  • itsumo-keikok:

    [FROM MEW AZAMA] 今日も楽しかった♡ HMりえちゃん・里香・景子・私♡ #いっぱい食べていっぱい笑った 2015.02.02 

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    [FROM STAFF] 恵方巻き 2015.02.03 (Tue) 

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    [FROM STAFF] エランドール賞 2015.02.06 (Fri) 

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  • 02/09/15--17:18: Photo

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  • 02/09/15--19:00: fuckyeahazamamew:sexy bi#$

  • fuckyeahazamamew:

    sexy bi#$

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  • 02/09/15--20:30: Photo

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    Toyota ALPHARD HYBRID「REAL VIP VOICE 北川景子」(4min) 

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    mew taking over in a New online catalog 

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    Looks like Ishii Mikako (Petite Etrangere's Pluto) had a modeling session with Azama Mew (PGSM's Jupiter) today and was fangirling over her massively~ Ishii Mikako's cuteness knows no bounds!

    This is what she said:



    Today I was at the studio with Azama Mew-chan! S-sailor Jupiter!! Leaping through time to do a collab. (laughs) During the shoot I was all, ‘Isn’t it amazing isn’t it amazing it’s a collab with a past Sailor Jupiter! Isn’t
    it!!’ and being too happy about it to the point where Mew-chan said ‘Stop it, it’s embarrassing!’ to me with as much force as possible, I’m just a disgusting otaku

    This whole thing with the PGSM actresses meeting the SeraMyu ones is so nice, I remember the two Sailor Moons and Sailor Venuses met up recently at a showing of the musical. Though this one was random, of course. ^^;

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  • 02/20/15--19:00: Photo

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    miss myuu rocking a nice long jacket 

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  • 02/20/15--23:30: Photo

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