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  • 06/23/14--11:20: Photo

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    Kanebo COFFRET D’OR 2014 Summer Make

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  • 06/23/14--12:13: Photo

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    週刊プレイボーイ 2014 No.27

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    Aya Sugimoto - ”BOYS”
    ”Sabrina (Sabrina Salerno) - BOYS” Japanese Cover

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    MISS ZOMBIE / 2013 / SABU

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    北川景子 (Keiko Kitagawa): Promo event for Miotsukushi Ryouri-Chou at Kanda-Myojin shrine

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    From Mew Azama’s graduation issue, CanCam, June 2014.

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  • 06/23/14--15:20: Photo

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  • 06/23/14--16:00: Photo

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  • 06/23/14--16:40: 北川景子

  • 北川景子

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  • 06/23/14--18:00: Photo

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    Suntory Kinmugi Clear Label (15s) Version 2

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  • 06/23/14--19:20: Photo

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    Keiko Kitagawa for TV Guide Person Magazine Vol. 20

    cr : miss水

    posted by ND@JDoramaID

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  • 06/23/14--20:40: Photo

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    Keiko Kitagawa

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    Throwback Thursday  SEVENTEEN x EastBoy (2006) 2/2

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    2014.04.30 - Oricon Style

    A hot-cold lady and a wicked teacher ── with her photogenic appearance and boyishly(!?) candid personality, Kitagawa Keiko is just right for roles in dramas that gain popularity! Talking in the “wicked” way of Mutoi Ayami-sensei, her role in “Nightmare Kid: The Movie” ── she has her honest thoughts regarding people.

    ── “Nightmare Kid: The Movie” is a movie that is extended from a drama. What this you think when you got the Mutoi Ayami-sensei offer among the various offers that come your way?

    KK: I was happy with the Ayami-sensei role. Because I had many cute or pretty heroine roles until then, so I thought at times that I’d like to act a completely different role too. I also looked forward to a role of someone who asserted her own opinions clearly.

    ── Did “I want change” also include wanting to change yourself?

    KK: I was already like Ayami-sensei in my personal life, so I’m no different from what I’ve always been. “I want change” applies only to the roles I get offered. I wanted to do a more uninhibited role, one that hits the true essence of being human, or one where I’m not all cute in hair, dress and make-up.

    ── So you were looking forward to playing Ayami-sensei’s transition, when she says she wants to throw off her mask?

    KK: Just a role in which I wasn’t all smiles was a joy already. It was the directors idea that I’d shout and throw my desk over without doing a test take first. It was to not let the children get used to it. That is surely why, with the tension of doing it for real right away, that we were able to get true reactions from the children. My pupils froze up for real (笑).

    ── The children got the right impact from it? (笑)

    KK: Right (笑). We thought we’d better get natural reactions from them than letting them act, so we (the adults) had to change our way of acting. Doing scenes in one take naturally, with more and more lines too, wrapped the set in a nice feeling of tension.

    ── What was the most tense scene among them?

    KK: Every episode of the drama had one, the scene where Ayami-sensei is giving a lecture in class. Next to that, the scenes in the dream lab where she explains a myth or nightmare also have pretty long lines (苦笑).

    ── I looked forward to Ayami-sensei’s explanations every time. What are your thought on your own dreams, Kitagawa-san? To begin with, do you dream?

    KK: I dream quite often. Maybe every day. (Kotoha-sensei’s actress) Yūka-san apparently has dreams every day too, but we asked each other, “Maybe we not sleep soundly?” Maybe our sleep is shallow…. However, I have no control over my dreams. Breaking down on the set unable to say my lines, falling down on live TV, nothing but dreams like that about work. I’m no doubt dreaming about the things that worry me at that time. There are no Princes in my dreams (笑).

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