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    I will take this whole outfit, please.

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    [FACEBOOK] こんにちは。28チームです。2014.10.25 (Sat) 

    …damn, keiko.

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    Haruno Yuki (Dokushin Kizuko ep8)

    I Love her beautiful gorgeous look here,her hair and her glasses

    Also, her big comfy sweater.

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  • 10/28/14--11:30: Photo

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    Akumu-chan The Movie DVD & Blu-ray Release Date November 26

    Akumu-chan TV Special XX

    "Release of a TV special based on a hit TV series "Akumu-chan (My Little Nightmare)" starring Keiko Kitagawa."

    Akumu-chan The Movie XX

    "Release of a film based on a hit TV series "Akumu-chan (My Little Nightmare)" starring Keiko Kitagawa. Comes with a bonus disc featuring making-of, interview with cast, press conference footage, and event footage.

    Akumu-chan Dream Pack  XX

    Set contains a film “Akumu-chan The Movie” and a TV special “Akumu-chan Special.” Comes with a bonus disc featuring promotional footage (90 min. approx.).”

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  • 10/28/14--13:15: Photo

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  • 10/28/14--14:07: Photo

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    Ayaka Komatsu would like to wish you a Happy Halloween!

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    Ayaka Komatsu in various and sundry fashion blog pics.

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    Ayaka and Miyuu hanging out and being perfect, just to hurt me.  They also had a mini-birthday party, again, to hurt me.

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    Not PGSM girl related, obviously, but frankly I hated how all my posts looked after the new update.  This made me breathe a happy sigh of relief.

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    The girls all got together to celebrate Halloween and Miyuu’s birthday!  And Keiko was able to come!  AND SOMEONE GOT MIYUU THE SAILOR MOON NAIL POLISH, SHUT UP THAT’S ADORABLE.

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    [HENSHIN] Mars Power Make Up.

    Series: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

    Kana: マーズ・パワー・メイク・アップ
    Romaji: Maazu Pawaa Meiku Appu

    User: Rei Hino
    Item required: Jewelry Star Bracelet
    Used to become: Sailor Mars
    First appearance: Act 3
    Last appearance: Final Act

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    PGSM 30 Day Challenge
    Day 3: Favorite character now (after several rewatches of course)

    Minako Aino 
    A lot of people don’t enjoy Minako’s personality change in PGSM, but I cannot let any version of Minako go unloved. Especially when you add a layer of angst (I’m a sucker for angst okay). I love that Minako’s just such a mess here; on one hand, she has achieved her dream, but on the other, she is so determined to put her duty first and foremost that she even forgets who she is when she’s not a senshi. Her journey into discovering what’s really important in her life is so touching and amazing that I can’t help but love her. The fact that she thinks her life outside of her duty doesn’t matter breaks my heart, and then you know what happens to her and just… let everyone love you, Minako, stop being so stubborn dammit. If for nothing else, you’ve got to love how pretty fucking badass Minako is even when untransformed, just look at those last two gifs and tell me you don’t love this femme fatale.

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    [FROM MEW AZAMA]Instagram post 2014.10.31

    [FROM AYAKA KOMATSU]Guardian party♡ 2014.10.31 

    [FROM MIYUU SAWAI]Lovable friends. 2014.10.31

    [FROM RIKA IZUMI]Twitter post 2014.10.31

    def be sure to read all the translations of their blog entries/tweets BUT FIRST—-some senshi reunion fun facts:

    1. according to keiko, when they meet up they all choose a place together but reservations r made by the designated “organizer”
    2. for miyuu’s birthday the organizer was mew!
    3. ayaka chose the cake with miyuu’s personality in mind
    4. miyuu says that while receiving gifts from the girls she remember the song “friend" that they sang together for the OST and stage show.
    5. they plan to meet again mew’s birthday, a year end party, and a new year’s party

    i mean really—-ayaka choosing the cake? mew organizing the party? IRL senshi thanks u for ur time.

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    [FROM STAFF] 色々と 2014.10.27 (Mon) 

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  • 11/02/14--10:35: Photo

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