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  • 10/14/12--17:32: Birthday Events
  • As I just announced on Twitter, I’m going to do something a little different with the birthday events this time around.  As opposed to just having one day where I flood your dashboards with lots of posts, I’m going to split up the posts over a few days.

    Since Rika Izumi’s birthday came first, hers will start tomorrow.  Posts will be released Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (October 15-19).

    Miyuu Sawai’s birthday event will take place the next week (October 22-26) on the same schedule.

    After that, we’ll resume a normal schedule with a Keiko Kitagawa day Sunday, October 28th.

    Get ready to be overwhelmed with loveliness.

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    I told you her birthday event would start today! And you thought I was lying. ;) My accidentally posting this last night for a second. ^^;

    Rika Izumi turned 24 on October 11th. In case you’re confused about her birthdate, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Her first agency, Snow Rabbits, transposed the numbers of her birthday, so for ages, the whole world thought her birthday was November 10th. The mistakes wasn’t cleared up until recently when a fan asked big sister Mew what the correct date was.


    Stay tuned over the next few days for 24 posts dedicated to the loveliest Ray model in all the land.

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    Recent pics from Rika Izumi’s blog, 2012.

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    Rika Izumi (and someone else who is not Rika; why would you have a non-Rika model, L’est Rose?) for L’est Rose’s special Bridal and Party Dress Shop, Fall 2012.

    (The queue went wonky because it is a day that ends in ‘y.’  Sorry about that.  I’ll readjust things so we get a few more posts today, but most of them will be on Wednesday and Friday.)

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    Rika Izumi for L’est Rose’s Special Bridal and Party Shop, Autumn 2012.

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    I’m so sorry about continually dropping the ball guys.  Honestly, I hadn’t gotten around to setting up the queue because I hadn’t been feeling well.

    Well, I feel worse (ear infections are the worst in case you were wondering), and I’ve gotten word that a member of my family is seriously ill, so I need to take a break from the blog for awhile.

    Hopefully I’ll be feeling up to this again soon.  In the meantime, there are lots of archives for you to go through if you need a PGSM girl fix.

    Thanks for understanding. <3

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    Rika and Miyuu, act 1-4

    Miyuu and Rika, act 5-8

    Keiko and Miyuu, act 9-12

    Miyuu and Keiko, act 13-16

    Miyuu and Myuu, act 17-20

    Myuu and Miyuu, act 21-24

    Miyuu and Ayaka, act 25-28

    Ayaka and Miyuu, act 29-32

    Miyuu, Rika, Keiko, Myuu, Ayaka, special conversation



    PGSM: the introduction shots of the Oshioki yo! segments. 


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    Hey guys!  I’m still not quite ready to come back, sorry. :( But I did want to say a few things:

    • I WILL EVENTUALLY BE BACK - things are just mega stressful.  Things are kind of(?) winding down with midterms passing and my sister’s pregnancy being over (she was semi-high risk, but now baby is out, she and baby are fine, AND BABY IS SO CUTE OMG) so hopefully it will be soon.
    • If you are dying for at least some stuff about the ladies in the meantime, I recommend heading on over to lesbiaaans.  She’s liveblogging PGSM and watching it for the first time, and it’s pretty much perfect.  I am obnoxiously liking everything she posts about it.
    • Actually salient point: I am going to be restructing the birthday events.

    You know what, this will go on for a bit, so no more bullet points.

    Doing the birthday events as I’ve been doing is just too much work for me to keep up with on top of everything else.  If I could just run this blog, I would, but I don’t think they pay you for fangirling like an idiot.  If only, amiright?

    So I have decided to turn the birthday events over to you!  If you want to celebrate the PGSM ladies’ birthdays then you have to submit stuff.  I figure it’ll get everyone more involved and there will be much excitement and happy times.

    You can submit any of the following (and probably more idk I’m coming up with this on the fly):

    • Graphics/Edits
    • Gifs
    • Screencaps
    • Scans/Vids/Blog Pics/Etc.
    • Fanfic
    • Fanart
    • Your Favorite Thing(s) about the PGSM Girl in Question
    • It Can Be Related to PGSM…
    • …Or It Can Be Related to Another Project

    Probably I will accept just about anything until I decide otherwise.

    Since this has just popped up, I’ll do… something for Rika and Miyuu’s birthdays like I promised, but if you want to submit stuff, please go right ahead!  But we’ll officially kick things off with Mew Azama’s birthday which is December 26th.  I’ll remind you more about this in the future, but feel free to start sending in things now.


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    Keiko in Akumu-chan.

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    …well that’s really the salient point I have to offer you, but anyway:

    Fuck Yeah PGSM Girls will be back to posting Monday, December 17th!  We’ll start with the Miyuu and Rika birthday celebrations (whichever one I can get prepped for first is the one that’ll happen first, lulz) and then phase into regular posting… which is once again getting a bit of a tweaking.

    I’m afraid for the foreseeable future I need to downgrade posting once again. :/ We’ll stick with the every other day schedule, but I’m going to scale back to 5 posts instead of 10.  I’m taking 3 grad school courses next semester (OH GOD WHY I’M SO DUMB) in addition to other stuff and I don’t think I have the time or energy to do 10 posts. @_@

    And another reminder:

    IF YOU WANT TO CELEBRATE MEW’S BIRTHDAY, YOU NEED TO SEND ME THINGS!  Birthday celebrations will now be almost completely based on fan submissions.  Fanart, fanfic, manips, and anything you think is relevant probably is relevant.  I’ll try to remind you once a week from here on out.  Mew’s birthday is December 26th.  I might take a mini-break for Christmas, but the event will probably take place around the 26th/27th.  When I know for sure, I’ll let you know.

    But srsly send me Mew things.

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  • 11/24/12--10:29: Photo

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  • 11/24/12--11:00: Photo

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  • 11/24/12--11:43: Photo

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  • 11/26/12--11:47: Photo

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    elegant n kawaii

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  • 11/28/12--14:54: Photo

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  • 11/28/12--15:17: Photo

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  • 12/03/12--07:03: More | November 2012

  • More | November 2012

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    Rika Izumi wearing some coats from L’est Rose, 2012.

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    Rika Izumi for Yokohama Shonan Wedding No. 4, Year 2012.  That second picture is criminally beautiful btw.

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