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    Akumu-Chan Episode 1 ~Obligation Dream~

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    Rina Koike for Weekly Play Boy, July 2013.

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    PGSM Come On Sailor Moon Fan-Made Intro (by Renee Morton)

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    Rina Koike for Weekly Play Boy, July 2013.

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    Speaking of PGSM girls finally getting their due, I think Rika’s finally found a winner with Stardust as her agency.  She’s a recurring character in the new show “Shomuni," and she’s recently appeared in another music video.

    Now if she could just put out her own music video/album/single/etc., everything would be glorious.  I’m counting on you Stardust!!

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  • 07/22/13--15:40: Photo

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    Keiko Kitagawa and Kyoko Fukada, Roommate Nov.09.2013 Roadshow (x)

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    Satoshi Tsumabuki and Keiko Kitagawa will co-star together for the first time in “Judge" (out Jan. 2014), an advertising-themed comedy written and directed by two highly successful television commercial creators.

    Tsumabuki will play a rookie ad man at a large advertising firm who’s selected for the jury of a major festival held to select the greatest television commercial in the world. Meanwhile, Kitagawa will play a co-worker also named Ota who poses as his wife as they try to make sure the Grand Prix of the festival goes to their company.

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    Chieko visits her family in the Philippines, July 10th

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    Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Episode 1

    "I don’t know why…. but my heart’s beating real fast."

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    Komatsu Ayaka as Rie in Last Cinderella

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  • 07/22/13--18:55: Photo

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  • 07/22/13--19:28: fuckyeahjdrama: [x]
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    ok so i know the ayaka event hasn’t happened yet (because reasons) but something more important has happened


    There were so many series and movies I hadn’t gotten around to watching!  If I’d known it wouldn’t always be there for me, I would have been more on the ball.

    Can you guys recommend other websites that host streams or provide downloads?  I’d really appreciate it.  In the meantime, I’ll be doing this.

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    Welcome, and I hope you enjoy your fangirling here! :D

    Miyuu’s career unfortunately hit something of a slump post PGSM.  Her only major role in a commercially released project is Chain 2.  It’s a really weird splatter-film/possible parody, so if you’re sensitive to gore, you might want to steer clear.

    Since PGSM ended, Miyuu’s had some trouble getting momentum for her career, which I don’t understand at all.  She had a number of guest spots/cameos, and released another photobook in 2008, but she was not getting steady work for awhile.  It clearly weighed on her and frankly ticked me off in the extreme.

    But!  Good news!  She recently released a photobook at the end of 2012 with some very daring photos, and it was a good enough publicity stunt to get some press and some more work.  Also her agency decided to stop being terrible, which always helps.

    She’s been getting a lot more guest spots on TV dramas, and she’s done three plays this year alone.  I’m hoping that it continues to go well for her because she is the greatest.

    I have a master list of her works available here, but since Drama Crazy has apparently shut down, many of the links to watch won’t work.  I’m going to work on updating the lists ASAP so hopefully that will be resolved sooner rather than later.

    Thanks again for following!

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    Hello lovelies.

    Obviously my grande plan did not come to fruition.  Life kind of… exploded a bit.  Yaaaay unexpected crises.

    Plus I’m still working on unpacking and discovered that my scanner is buried underneath piles of stuff in the basement even though it was SUPPOSED to come upstairs.  Movers, you were so great.  Why did you fail me in this one thing?

    I’m sorry you guys don’t care about this - ANYMOO

    I feel bad leaving you guys hanging though, so I’m gonna pull an old switcheroo.  I’m moving up Aya Sugimoto’s birthday event.

    It will start on Monday and go on until I run out of Aya stuff.  Feel free to submit to keep it going!

    And since I promised I would warn you all:





    I’ll post another reminder Sunday and before the event kicks off Monday.  I’ll be tagging the posts with ‘NSFW’ as well as ‘Nudity’ and ‘Gravure.’

    This may seem excessive, but I’m a weird tumblrer; I prefer to know about my porn in advance.

    I know, Beryl, I’m an odd duck.

    PS - Any slut-shamers/body policing/etc will be banned/blocked without warning.

    Nobody trash talks my Aya. <3

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    Sorry, I must not made this clear in the earlier post - not surprising since I’d been up for 24 hours.  I’m rereading it, and yeah, you all would have had to make a lot of mental jumps to understand what the hell I was saying.  Whoopsies!

    I have not been able to scan in the Ayaka photobook because my scanner is buried in the basement.  I recently moved back in with my parents, and while the movers were supposed to bring it upstairs, there was a mix up, and they took it downstairs.  Apparently, it was one of the first things they unloaded, so it’s behind a bunch of heavy boxes and furniture.  It’s going to take considerable effort to dig it out, and I have not had the spoons to deal with it of late.

    Plus, my dad got unexpectedly sick, and one of the reasons I came home was to take care of him.  So he’s taking priority over unburying printer/scanning pics/my enduring love for Ayaka.  I hope she will forgive me.

    My mom’s currently out of town, but she’ll be back Wednesday, at which point I might be able to refocus on scanning.  I can’t promise though.

    So the Aya Sugimoto event is being moved up so the blog isn’t totally dead, and because Aya Sugimoto.

    If it looks like it’s going to take longer to get the printer set up and the photobook scanned in, I’ll let you all know.

    Thanks for understanding, and hopefully I explained that better this time around.

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    Aya Sugimoto’s birthday event is about to begin!  So this is your friendly reminder to turn your safe dash on or blacklist ‘nudity’ if you’re not up for seeing Aya’s assets.

    Also, final less-friendly reminder: slut-shaming/body-policing/etc. will not be tolerated.  Aya is queen of everything and always will be.

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    Let’s kick off the Aya Sugimoto event with some pictures of how Miss Aya celebrated her 45th birthday!  The night featured live music as well as tango and salsa dancing, which I’m sure Aya rocked out ridiculously.  There was also a cake with Aya’s face on it, and I think it says a lot that they picked a private photo of her with two of her dogs rather than one of her professional shots.  So sweet.

    The second half of the evening was spent at Club Yumi, a high end club in Ginza where Aya’s celebrated her birthday on at least two other occasions.  which featured karaoke and lots of booze.  They don’t say the second part, but we know.

    Aya’s pictured with her husband, the club’s “mama," who appears to be a very good friend of Aya’s, and… I do not know who the person in the geisha get up is, but apparently their appearance is very lucky.

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